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Are you in the market for meat, poultry or fish?

With the competitive nature of any business, it can often be the small details that ensure you stay ahead of the game. At McConnell Equipment Ltd, Antrim we keep a close eye on the meat, poultry and fish industry, to source the best possible products for your business.


We work with a wide selection of brands to provide you with product versatility and varying pricing options. Our food processing equipment range currently includes:


 •  Chain mesh, gloves, cuffs, sleeves, boleros by Manulatex

 •  Knife hand protection by Marigold

 •  Industrial quality hand knives by Victorinox

 •  Knife sharpeners by Bobet

 •  Carcass and meat marking dyes in patent blue and black

 •  Tripe and bible processing by La Parmentiere

 •  Foot processing by La Parmentiere

 •  Muzzle or mask de-hairing by La Parmentiere

 •  Intestine washing by La Parmentiere

 •  Weasand rodding tool and clips

 •  Carcass stabilizer by Termet

 •  Beef front leg holder by Termet

 •  Stunning equipment by Termet

 •  Boot and shoe washers by Bobet

 •  Sole scrubbers by Bobet

 •  Hygiene equipment by Bobet

We strive to provide your business with everything you need in one place. As such, we also offer bespoke design and manufacturing of equipment to suit your specific requirements. Contact us for a quote now.

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